Monday, May 3, 2010

Little Sweet Feet!!

Ok . . . I REALLY wasn't sure if I could pull these babies off! My co-worker asked me to make them for her for a baby shower she was going to and gave me a Martha Stewart quality picture to go off of. Intimidating!

But little man was more than excited to help :) and I thought "well if I wreck them, we'd have to eat them all and he would be in heaven!" He cut out most of the feet cookies and even made a few extra little stars for himself! He kept saying "like THIS mamma?" :) so cute! (sorry, I know this picture is sideways . . . . )

I made a simple butter-sugar recipe with a white almond icing ... YUM! You have the let the dough firm up over night so this was more than a one day project!

I waited until the almond icing hardened before decorating. The blue was fun, and the sugar made everything sparkle! Yes, boys toes can sparkle too!!!

I just had to throw a cute little umbrella in there . .. . it was for a shower after all!! Cute little sweet feet! Well worth the work! :)

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