Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Apron anyone? AND ITS REVERSIBLE!!!

Missy and I went out to Hanna's Fabric Store again this weekend! I just LOVE how bright and fun all her fabrics are. I really went out there to make something else and found this really cute and simple pattern for a reversible "old school" apron! How fun!!! I had to try it! Look at how cute the fabrics were for this thing . .. . thanks again Janet, as always!

After you cut out your pieces, you just need to start sewing. This is another "first" project for me so if I can do it . . . anyone can!!! Look . . . I even gathered!!!! :)
Sew top and bottom bodice pieces . .. for both sides . . . .

Hey . . . I can "pin tuck" too!!! :) Who knew!!! Look at all the fun stuff I am learning now! I'm turning into a regular domestic goddess!! LOL

Then you just sew on the straps and start sewing the bodice pieces together . ..

Remembering to do this inside out so that you can just invert them for a nice clean edge all the way around. You just need to press it down and it looks awesome!

I should have taken a picture wearing it so you can see just how cute it really is, but I love it! I may have to make some as gifts!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gone Fishin ....

What a blast we had over Memorial Day weekend!!! We went fishing, rebuilt Carter's playground . . . spent ALL weekend outside pretty much!! Carter caught this "whopper" sunny on Fish Lake on Saturday (you may have to squint your eyes a bit but I assure you . . . it IS there!! ha ha)
I couldn't believe how good he was in the boat! Casting away like a pro and never getting bored. Completely content to just motor around the lake . . . . hmmm, like someone else I know! A regular chip off the old paternal block!!! :)
I can't wait for our next fishing trip . . . hopefully this weekend!!!

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