Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Its the Most Wonderful Time . . .

I absolutely love holiday decorating although I never seem to make enough time to do it. I love how these old outdoor things turned out after my putzing with them for a bit this last weekend.
I found a pair of Carter's infant mittens to put on these old skis and think the rusty old pulley on the sled is wicked cute with the little star cut out!!!! I think this was a steal at $2 from some backwoods antique vendor!!! I still need to do something cute with the snowshoes . . . any ideas????

This big star was a junked-and-left-by-the-side-of-the-road find that my SIL Jess came across!!! I still need to antique it a bit more with some stain!!

Carter helped me all day and even started dancing to the Christmas music I was playing!! He very carefully put all the ornaments on the tree, but wouldn't let me help him, the little stubborn stinker!

I LOVE these old blocks too!!! I found them this year at the Cranberry Festival!!

I can't wait to do MORE decorating this next weekend!!!!!
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