Saturday, April 10, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You How Much I Love KNOCK-OFF WOOD?

I was so inspired by this blog that when I saw this Simple Spa Bench I said to myself . . . "Hey, I can do that!" And voila, this perfect little bench made by ... ME ... and in only a few hours! ALL of the credit must go to Ana @ Knock-Off Wood and her amazing DIY furniture plans inspired by some very trendy vendors! (wink)

I started last night with my little pile of wood. I went to Home Depot and told them what I needed so they cut everything down to size for me, very helpful!!

Ana's instructions are so easy to follow that framing this bench in really took no time at all. Carter was a big help too! :)

I stained it a really cool JACOBEAN color that just made it look super old! awesome! Sprayed on some Matte finish to seal everything up and let everything dry overnight!

Not sure yet if this is its permanent home since it goes in practically EVERY room of my house its so dang cute! Thanks again ANA @ Knock-Off Wood!!! I'll be visiting you VERY soon!!!

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