Monday, October 5, 2009

Carter's Cute Ocean Room!!!

I found some really cute things to spruce up Carter's room at the Cranberry Festival last weekend! I got an old wood waterski that I turned into wall hooks for Carter to hang up his backpack or jacket on. I hung it low enough for him to reach it so he thinks it is "awesome!". ;) He makes me laugh!

I got these metal turtles a few years ago at Pier One and thought they were absolutely adorable. They were the only things I really had decorating his ocean room except the bedspread, drapes and a fish tank illusion hanging on his wall. That is why I was so excited to find the other things you see in these pictures . . . life preserver, beach sign, Hang Ten vintage metal sign . . .

Oh, and I cant forget the crab trap and old fishing poles. My SIL Jess gave me the poles for Carter's room which was really special since they belonged to her grandfather. I thought when I picked up the trap at the Cranberry Festival that it was just a crafty look-alike but I was actually stopped by someone who asked me about it since he said that he and his wife had just taken a trip to Apalachicola Bay and had seen similar ones!! So cool!!!

I just love how it turned out and Carter is so excited about his new room!!
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