Monday, November 16, 2009

Recycled * Reused * Repurposed - Holiday Style!

Holiday Gifts Galore is a show my we (me and my SILs) were in this past weekend! It was a total blast! Besides having only 3 hours of sleep the night before due to last minute finishing touches :). We had so many beautifully refurbished items that I can honestly say, we had the most attractive booth there!!!

We put several pair of my BelleCruz Mittens scattered throughout the sale items to give a warm and cozy feel. The rest of them I displayed in old dresser drawers. I can't believe how well these RECYCLED sweater mittens have been selling!!! I was even sewing there at the show to try to keep up!! They are so beautiful and each pair are unique, lined fully in remnant polar fleece. Definitely a vintage but stylish must-have up here in the cold country!

Missy brought so many different things, all of which were hand made! We had Mittens, Old Window Memo Boards, Wreathes, Monogram Blocks, Candles, Gift Tag Holders and Cards, Tote Bags and Pillows made from repurposed coffee bean bags, misc vintage items stuffed with real pine boughs and decorated for the holidays!!! We are definitely doing this again next year!!!!

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