Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot Hibbing Races!

We went racing this weekend up at Hibbing Raceway and man was it hot!! That descriptive only pertains to the weather though since Mike struggled with his car most of the weekend and ended up more frustrated with it than ever. Carter was a regular racin groupie and as usual just excited to be up in the stands watchin Daddy!! He was up late both nights and never got crabby although he did get pretty tuckered out during the Semi-Features on Saturday and fell asleep for an hour on my lap! He just loves being outside and especially loves the racetrack!


  1. how cute are those pictures of him!

  2. How the heck does he sleep with that noise? I'm a little jealous...I need total silence.
    Looks like he's soaking up all of the action in that second pic! Cute.


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